Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

  Glad your here! These are just a few questions that have been common, if you don't find an answer on here please CONTACT US and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have!


What is the front frame made of? Is it painted?

  • No Paint or Stain fumes here! Our Signature Design front frame design isn't just for show, it is the backbone of our design. Toad Ranch frames are made out of 3/4" thick high-density rigid plastic- the same stuff used for Marina Architecture, Luxury Boats, Outdoor Resort Cabinetry, and Theme Park Playground Equipment. This material holds up to the harshest conditions without even breaking a sweat. It is UV stabilized and colored all the way through and will not fade chip, rot, swell, de-laminate, or scratch off!

Are the materials used in your enclosures safe?

  • At Toad Ranch we use only premium materials to ensure the safety of your animals.
  • Our PVC body panels are made in the USA and contain NO PLASTICIZERS- this additive in some PVC sheet material is responsible for potentially harmful off-gassing.
  • This PVC is Free of any Lead or Heavy Metals so it's safer for you too!

Is assembly hard?

  • Assembly is very simple!  All you need is a screw driver!  Our front frames come pre-assembled with the glass door track installed, there are 5 body panels to fasten together and the frame- that's it and there's only one size screw!  All our enclosures, stands and hoods have been pre-assembled to insure a perfect fit for re-assembly! No wayward screws here!
  • You can check out our assembly instructions and video HERE 

Customization Options Questions?

  • click HERE for more information and pictures.

Will these enclosures leak?

  • Our enclosures have very tight fitting joints and under most normal husbandry conditions will not, but a spilled water bowl or standing water may leak.  We recommend sealing the lower joints as a precautionary measure.
  •  Make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions and recommended cure time before introducing your animal.

Are Toad Ranch Enclosures stack-able?

  • YES! Structural integrity was our top priority in designing these enclosures.  The front opening is the most vulnerable to the common front sag, causing sticking doors.   Our signature front frame design isn't just for show, it is the backbone of our design. Creating the most structurally sound front openings for PVC enclosures on the market!  (If you are ordering a large custom sized enclosure let us know if you plan on stacking and we can add extra support)
  •  All of our Enclosures, Stands, & Hoods come with our Locking Dowel System. This Offers the ability to mix & match cage sizes when stacking, providing an almost seamless look ( NO SPACERS / SACKERS NEEDED!) so you can stack the Ultimate Reptile Skyscraper!

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Will heat mats work through the PVC?

  • YES We always recommend the use of a thermostat control or rheostat monitored with a temp gun to set the desired temp.
  • If using a heat mat choose the option to add a temp probe channel!

What heat fixtures do you sale?

  •  The Arcadia Reptile ‘Ceramic Lamp Holder and Bracket PRO’ is an easy to use and very versatile lamp holder. Made from quality components this lamp holder can be used with most heat sources.  We do NOT recommend the use of ceramic heat emitters in PVC enclosures, the surface temperature of these bulbs get WAY too hot to be used safely inside our enclosures.  Arcadia Deep Heat Projectors are a GREAT alternative to ceramic heat emitters!!
  • If you are housing a snake or other reptile that can reach up to the light fixture, we always recommend using a wire heat lamp basket to prevent burns if you are using a heat bulb.  You should make sure the holes in the wire are small enough to ensure your reptile can not fit through the wire.  There are other options as well for heating snakes, radiant heat panels are a popular choice.  
  • Another option is our Perforated Aluminum Screen top that allows for you to have your heat bulbs on the outside of your enclosure.

Having trouble keeping a basking site while maintaining your ambient temperatures?

  • The natural stone surface of our Bask N Hide provides a solution.  This elevated surface combined with the real slate tiles allows for optimal basking conditions. Slate retains heat effectively and aids in the dispersing of heat which warms the surroundings enabling you to reduce the wattage bulb your running to allowing you to achieve the desired ambient temperatures.

Can you install a fluorescent / LED fixture or heat panel for me?

  • We currently do not install any fixtures (LED, Fluorescent, Heat Panels).  These fixtures are easily added by the customer during or even after assembly.  We recommend Arcadia, Vivarium Electronics, and SunBlaster.  

How does shipping work?

  • Enclosures 5x2x2 and under ship UPS. Anything Larger than 5 foot (as well as some XD and EC models) will ship freight. 
  • We are proud to offer some of the most competitive Freight Shipping prices around! Lift Gate Service is always Included!
  • Once your order is completed you will receive a fulfillment email with tracking info.   Freight orders - On the delivery day the driver will call you to let you know about what time they will arrive. 
  • The Lift Gate Service is included in the shipping cost. The driver will lower the pallet to the ground with the lift gate and off load it.  Some Freight drivers will bring it up to your house, some will not, they are only required to drop it at the curb with this service.

What are the doors made of?

  • At Toad Ranch we know how important the window into that masterpiece is, not only for protecting what's inside but for optimal viewing! Our doors are made of high-quality 1/4" thick Tempered Safety Glass with ALL polished edges for smooth operation and smooth touch. Tempered Glass is 4x stronger than regular (float, annealed, plate, etc.)
  • Glass won't yellow, warp, get cloudy, bow, or scratch like clear plastics and best of all doesn't require special cleaning (which is a routine chore for any reptile keeper).

Is the gap between the doors big enough for my animal to escape?

  • The gap is pretty minimal, however when we have housed baby dwarf monitors or colubrids we use 1/2" adhesive felt strip that is readily available at your local home improvement store.  Please feel free to email and we can point you in the right direction.

Can I maintain high levels of humidity in these enclosures?

  • Absolutely!  The components in our Enclosures are the same stuff used for Marina Architecture & Luxury Boats. Remember these are ALL PLASTIC!  Our enclosures will not rot, swell, de-laminate or fall apart under the conditions our herps require!

So PVC is great for high humidity species, what about arid species like Bearded Dragons and Uromastyx?

  • Yes, We have you covered!  Checkout our Species Specific Enclosures.  You can also have your vents placed on the Side Panels- 3 on each Side Panel. 3 Higher on the Right (Basking Side) Panel and 3 Lower on the Left (Cool Side) Panel to increase cross ventilation and lower humidity.
  • If you would like help configuring your enclosure please reach out to us, we are always happy to help!
  • If you already have your enclosure there are a few options to keep the humidity down- Make sure your substrate is dry when you put it in, make sure your water bowl is not over top of a heat mat or directly under a heat lamp, if these fixes don't remedy your humidity issue we recommend purchasing a reptile enclosure fan  that you can install over one of your 4" vents- this can be ran on a timer and actually stimulates activity in most species.

Can my reptile open the doors, do I need a lock?

  • This depends on the species you are keeping- a lot of smaller lizards and some snakes can not open the sliding doors and you may not need one.  We use locks on all of our enclosures if for nothing less its just a reminder to make sure the door is closed completely and keep the kiddos out!
  • Do I need a thermostat?
  • PVC enclosures hold heat very well and while this is a great attribute and great for your electric bill it is important, just as it is in all enclosures, to monitor and have a safety device on your heating source.  There are lots of options in all different price ranges for thermostats- we use Spyder Robotics Herpstats but the cheaper ZooMed thermostats work well also.

Can I do a BioActive setup in a Toad Ranch Enclosure?

  • YES!  Most of our enclosures come standard with 3-1/2" upper and lower frame that allows for that much substrate depth and keeps the substrate out of the glass track!.  If you need more just select the BioActive option and upgrade to a full 6" lower frame!
  • The BioActive Option is only available on our BC (24" Height) and taller enclosures.
  • If you'd like a deeper litter dam just ask! We can make it any size!

 What are your lead times?

  • Our up to date lead times can be found HERE Our lead time is NOT just an arbitrary estimate, it is a real-time reflection of our schedule and our deadline to ship YOUR enclosures, stands, and canopy hoods! 

What if my enclosure is damaged in shipping?

  • All of our shipments are insured, please let the driver know if there is any noticeable damage to the box and let us know ASAP and we will work diligently to remedy any issues. 
  • If your enclosure(s) have shipped via freight you MUST note with the driver on the delivery receipt any damage!
  • We take extreme care in packaging and this is very unlikely.
  • In the unlikely event that your enclosure is damaged in shipping your remake will NOT go to the end of our schedule.  We will remake and ship usually within 1-2 weeks!

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