Get to Know Toad Ranch

   We are a small family business that prides ourselves in all we do. 

    Toad Ranch was so named by our then four year old daughter shortly after we purchased the chunk of paradise that our home sits on.  The first spring must have been a good year for the vernal ponds on the property because there were toads EVERYWHERE.. thousands maybe millions of them.  Our love of reptiles didn't start then though, this event was just a highlight in the story of Jared & DenniLynn owners, operators, and fecal removal specialists here at the Ranch.  It was, in fact, our love of reptiles that first brought us together.  This passion for reptiles started very young and we are often told by Denni's mom the story of her sleeping with her pet desert tortoise when she was young and catching snakes in the California desert.  Jared's story is the Midwest version of this growing up with box turtles, snapping turtles, and garter snakes in Missouri.  We met while I (Jared) was serving in the Marine Corps in California and what turned out to be our first date was a herping adventure.

    Through the years our family has grown but our collection of cold-blooded friends as waxed and waned however our passion for them has not.  As we've gone along we've bought and sold cages and have been able to see what we like and don't like about them.  They all have their place and most are very utilitarian but we wanted to bring the beauty of nature into our home and the cage had to be an extension of that.  With much trial and error, sweat and tears, painstaking phone call after phone call we were able to source the components that would not only make our cages durable under the harsh conditions they are subjected to, but able to have a beauty that would compliment and showcase the mini ecosystems and animals we house.  We are excited to be able to make these available to herpetoculturists, hobbyists, and all reptile lovers across the US.

    The chunk of paradise we have been blessed with is a very unique ecosystem called a glade, but not just any old desert ecosystem in the middle of the woods, a special type of glade that is defined by the Chert bedrock that is exposed to the surface.  There are only about 60 acres of chert glade in the world and Toad Ranch boasts 4 of those.  We take special care of this ecosystem we've been charged with.

    Our greatest passion is not ours though it is of our savior Christ Jesus.  We take care of God's creation because it is our duty as Christians.  We thoroughly enjoy the variety and beauty that God has created here on Earth and hope we can share our love for God and His creation with all we encounter.

    Thank you for connecting with us we hope to grow with you and all those in the hobby as we strive to better our husbandry for these cool creatures.


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