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BC48 | 4'x2'x2' | Premium HDPE & PVC Reptile Enclosure | 4 Foot Luxury Reptile Cage

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3/4" HDPE FRAME COLOR: Driftwood

Sku: 482426D

48x24x24- Reptile Enclosures that provide your reptile room to roam. Explore our entire line up of 4- Foot Reptile Enclosures by Toad Ranch!  Inspired by Nature, Designed for Reptile Lovers like you! Customize you reptile enclosure & create a one-of-a-kind reptile display cage that is sure to be the highlight of any room!

Now Available with Perforated Aluminum Screen Cutouts! Side Windows & more! Need something different than what's on our website? ASK! 


More information on Custom Options can be seen HERE.

Unsure of which color to select for your new reptile enclosure?

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  • 48"x24"x24" (LxWxH) Reptile Enclosure. A beautiful reptile habitat to be prominently displayed in your home, office, or business!
  • Toad Ranch Signature Design with 3/4" HDPE Structural Front Frame in your choice of: 4 beautiful wood tones: Mahogany, Teak, Driftwood & Whitewash. Or Select Black Dragon for a stunning all black "Scaled" texture, Or Choose Matte Black or White. Our frames, although they look like real wood are actually a rigid plastic material with beautiful wood grain that varies from piece to piece. Rivaling even the finest furniture! Or keep the sleek lines of Matte Black or White HDPE without compromising the quality of the most structurally sound reptile enclosures on the market! This plastic material is not painted but actually colored all the way through and will not chip, peel, or even fade! A True Rugged Beauty!
  • Premium Heavy Duty 1/2" American made PVC Body Panels that are durable, safe & easy to clean! (Contains No Plasticizers, heavy metals, or lead!) Our enclosures will not rot, swell, de-laminate or fall apart under the conditions our reptiles require!
  • PVC Body Color Screw Covers. No unsightly screw heads.
  • (2) 1/4" Tempered Glass Sliding Doors with Polished Edges. Safety First! Glass won't yellow, warp, get cloudy, bow, or scratch like clear plastics and best of all doesn't require special cleaning.
  • Easy Glide Whisper Quiet Sliding Glass Door Track. Mounted on TOP of the frame/litter dam and don't provide that handy nook between the doors and litter dam for the substrate to get packed into.
  • Side Track. This feature provides additional track to the sides of the left & right front opening for the glass to seat into. Providing a clean polished look & thwarting opportunistic escapees!
  • (2) Acrylic Finger Pulls. Provides a Fingerprint free operation.
  • (6) Cord Slot Holes. Included on the Upper Back Panel for Easy Installation of Electrical Devices (RHP, Heat Lamp, UVB, & LED Fixtures). Devices must be installed during enclosure assembly. (Sold separately) 
  • (4) 4" Vents. Beautiful Tortoise shell inspired design cut into the PVC panel evenly spaced on the Upper Back Panel. These 1/8-inch slits cut into the PVC panel looks the same from the inside or out. (Included Vent(s) are removed when selecting the perforated screen top option-these can be added back above on the selections menu)
  • (2) Stainless Steel Stacking Dowels. Keep your Enclosures in place! All of our Enclosures, Stands, & Hoods come with our Locking Dowel System.
  • Locking Dowel System. Offers the ability to mix & match cage sizes when stacking, providing an almost seamless look. (NO SPACERS / STACKERS NEEDED!)


    If you are housing a snake or other reptile that can reach up to the light fixture, we always recommend using a wire HEAT LAMP SAFETY BASKET to prevent burns if you are using a heat bulb.  Otherwise if you'd prefer to have external heating devices please select the Perforated Screen Top option above.  We do NOT recommend the use of ceramic heat emitters in PVC enclosures; the surface temperature of these bulbs get WAY too hot to be used safely inside our enclosures.  Arcadia Deep Heat Projectors are a GREAT alternative to ceramic heat emitters!!

    Special care should be taken when using heat bulbs inside ANY enclosures, PVC is no exception.  We ALWAYS recommend using a thermostat controller with any heating device/bulb.

    Check out more on our FAQ page HERE

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    All of our HDPE / PVC Reptile Cages ship flat to save you money! Every Enclosure is pre-assembled to ensure quality and to make re-assembly easier. Assembly is very simple! All you need is a screw driver! Our front frames come pre-assembled with the glass door track installed, there are 5 body panels to fasten together and the frame- that's it and there's only one size screw! Easy to follow instructions are included and available here.

    Our lead time is extremely important to us, and we keep a very close eye on our schedule to make sure orders ship out NO LATER than the below time frame. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Heather M.
    Absolutely worth it!

    This tank is great! Toad Ranch was very friendly and responded quickly when I had initial questions about the lighting/heating setup and sizing. After ordering, the tank shipped exactly on time, no damage on delivery. I did need some assistance to put it together as the panels are pretty hefty, but assembly was very straightforward and not difficult to figure out once I had an extra set of hands to help hold things together. It holds humidity exceptionally well for my ball python. I also got the gray front and it looks like a really nice furniture piece as well! Definitely worth getting.

    Miled J.

    I have a total 6 toadramch enclosures at this time. I have 2 5 foot enclosures, 2 4 foot enclosures, 1 3 foot enclosure and one 2 foot enclosure. I am pleased with all of them. I like that they are made of pvc because it does not warp with moisture. PVC also lasts many years without decomposing. I like that I can select a background and it is installed. The front of the enclosure is made of HDPE which is a plastic polymer and is very durable. I like that vents, grommets, and the top can be cusyomized. As far as the quality and fitment it is excellent. Everything fits together properly and assembly is easy. My 2 5 foot enclosures have HDPE sides which is not only durable, and adds to the attractiveness of the enclosures. Overall I would highly recommend their enclosures.


    Very high quality and very easy to setup. Beautiful enclosure!

    Amanda H.
    Gorgeous Enclosure!

    After much research on pvc enclosures for our 16yr old ball python, I picked this gorgeous 4x2x2 by Toad Ranch and it has exceeded my expectations in every way! The ordering process was a breeze, shipping was quick (I ordered a quick ship one), the assembly was SO easy and the finished product is a show stopper. Not only is it a gorgeous habitat for Oscar, it holds his heat and humidity very well! I am so thankful for Toad Ranch and the love they clearly pour into their products. I highly recommend them if you are looking into a forever enclosure for your reptiles. Thank you Toad Ranch! ~Oscar and Amanda

    Chris H.
    Excellent Cage

    I must say I am impressed with the quality of not only the cage but the very good instructions that came with it. Assembly was very simple and the cages are very solid.

    Complete Your Showpiece! The beautiful variegated color pattern and texture are highly variable and unique to each piece creating a one-of-a-kind display that is sure to be the highlight of any room!

    Exquisite Reptile Displays

    With our interlocking dowel system just add a stand and hood to your reptile enclosure for a museum quality display in your living room!