All About Our Custom Options & A Bit More!

 With over 100 years of combined experience housing, observing and breeding reptiles our team understands that there is not just ONE way to do things successfully.

Love & dedication from keepers like you have paved the way for the Herpetoculture community.

We strive to provide you with a superior product that will carry on this legacy allowing you to design & perfect your reptiles habitat!

Lets Get to it!

Don't  Worry our enclosures are Great for most species with the standard options!

If you need help or have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us!



 Perforated Aluminum Screen Cutout - This cutout is in the Top Panel- for use with clamp lights and other exterior fixtures. (This option will remove the standard lamp fixtures that previously were included with the enclosure).

    Perforated Screen Top   Perforated Screen TopScreen Top

    Our NEW perforated aluminum screens tops have 79% open space . and we left room on the inside if you choose to mount your fixture inside for maximum UVB.


    **PRO TIP**

    Command Strips - Work in place of Suction Cups for Hammocks & Such! (pictured below)

    Command Strip

    Vent Options- Comes in two styles, Tortoise Shell & Insert Style. The "Whats Included" section on each product page will let you know how many vents are included with your specific enclosure.  You have the option to Add or Remove as many vents as you like and we provide a text box to write in placement notes, we also accept drawings for placement request through e-mail. 

      Our Standard vent is a beautiful Tortoise shell inspired design that is 1/8-inch slits cut into the PVC panel. Looks the same from the inside or out.  If you don't request a specified placement -location for this on the Upper Back Panel with exception to our Pagona Paddock & Uro-Gonna-Love-This-Cage these two enclosures have the vents place staggered on the side panels ( more about this below)

      Vent Options

      Screened Vent Screened Vent finished to the inside

      Insert Vents- These screened 4-inch round vents have will have one finished and one "unfinished" side. You can select to have your finished side faced in or out. (Pictured above finished side in)

      Tortoise Shell Design " Staggered Side Vents"

      Staggered Vents- Beautiful Tortoise shell inspired design cut into the PVC panel Placed on the Side Panels- 2 on each Side Panel 2 Higher on the Right (Basking Side) Panel and 2 Lower on the Left (Cool Side) Panel to increase cross ventilation and lower humidity. Thoughtfully cut to sit above the substrate level. Our Pogona Paddock & Uro-Gonna-Love-This-Cage both already have these vent locations,but you can too on any size enclosure. (pictured above)

      reptile enclosure fan

      reptile cage with fan 

      Reptile Enclosure Fans-  These small fans are a great addition to your reptile enclosure!  They easily mount over either of our vent styles and if purchased with an enclosure we'll even cut the holes for you! (found on our accessories page)

       Natural environments are always changing with different weather events, moving air stimulates activity and enrichment. 

      A great solution for high humidity and BioActive setups to prevent stagnant air and mold.  Just plug your fan into a timer set to run for short periods of time several times a day and that's it!

      Have more control over your reptile's habitat!  Too much humidity?  Ambient temps too high to maintain proper basking temps?  These fans can be run by most reptile thermostat controls with a temperature probe or humidity probe!

      Cliff Hanger Reptile Climbing Shelf  Cliff Hanger shelf mounting brackets

      Cliff Hanger | Reptile Enclosure Climbing Shelf- When purchased with a Toad Ranch Enclosure this ADD ON Option and will change your enclosure to have a recessed Cutout on the back panel for mounting the shelf & support brackets. Selecting this option will move the installed heat lamp fixtures forward in order to NOT be mounted directly over the shelf.  (available on our accessories page )


      Grommet  Accessory Grommet
      The center pops out allowing room for cord plugs to fit through, completely adjustable and can be closed when not in use. If you don't request a specified placement -location for this is on the back panel, near top. (exercise caution when used with smaller snakes or lizards, consider our Cord Slot option instead)
      **PRO TIP**
      Wire Ties with adhesive mounts can be your best friend! Available on Amazon or Home Improvement Stores (pictured below)
      Wire Ties
      Cord Slot- This is a slot cut into the top edge of the side panels or back panel whichever you choose.  These extra Cord Slots are just a little bigger than the ones we cut for our standard Lamp Bases (you don't need to add a cord slot for the included fixtures or when adding fixtures- they will come with their own cord slot). However,  If you remove fixtures it will remove the corresponding cords slots-unless you request otherwise.
      Cords must be placed into slot during assembly, before you attach your top cage panel. Fits one cord.  (pictured below)
      Cord Slot
      Temperature Probe Hole- 5/16 inch Diameter Hole. This small round hole gives you the Maximum Control over your probe placements!  No More cords running down the whole back wall to get to the nest box! Standard placement is upper back panel.  Need a custom size, bigger, or multiple holes for misters etc? You can write in special size, placement and quantity in the provided text box all for one fee!



      Temperature Probe Channel- This option adds a 1/4 inch deep channel cut on the exterior (underneath side) of the bottom panel of your enclosure for running a temp probe with heat mats. (Run thermostat control probe into the channel before attaching heat pad over the channel.)
      Side Track for Glass Doors! This option provides additional track to the sides of the front opening for the glass to seat into. (pictured below)  This (2) piece set provides a more seamless look and can make your enclosure more secure when paired with a lock.
      side track?