4 Foot Reptile Enclosure

Beauty Meets Utility

Are Toad Ranch Reptile Enclosures BioActive Capable??

Bio Active Reptile Enclosure

Toad Ranch Luxury Hybrid PVC Reptile Enclosures

Wood Look Reptile Enclosure | Available in Driftwood, Teak and Mahogany

Available in 3 Beautiful Wood Tones and All NEW Black Dragon

    Stunning wood grain embossed frames made from marine grade rigid plastic with variegated coloring.

Toad Ranch Signature Reptile Cages are one of a kind.  Each one is as unique as the reptiles they house! 

Mahogany-  This rich warm color is a classic that doesn't disappoint.

Teak-  Like a warm tropical ray of sunshine, this frame color will brighten up the room!

Driftwood-  From beach to desert and anywhere in between!

Black Dragon- All Black Frame with Stunning "Scaled" Texture

Exquisite Reptile Displays

Configure your Complete Reptile Exhibit with Toad Ranch Matching Stands and Canopy Hoods!

With our interlocking dowel system just add a stand and hood to your reptile enclosure for a museum quality display in your living room!

(Pictured- CN48 4'x2'x4' enclosure with CH48 hood and 12" LK48 Pedestal Stand)

Reptile Enclosures Made in the USA

Quality Craftsmanship

    Careful attention to detail, Structural Integrity and Artisan Craftsmanship. 

We use quality, USA made 1/2" PVC and these beautiful 3/4" thick frames aren't just for looks! Toad Ranch Signature Frames are made of a rigid high density plastic that is rabbeted and recessed to provide superior support and stack-ability for your reptile enclosure skyscraper!

This Patent Pending design is one of a kind!

Learn More about our exclusive design and materials HERE!

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