What Makes Toad Ranch Luxury Reptile Habitats Different?

Toad Ranch Reptile Enclosures aren't just another PVC cage, they are a breed of their own!

   As the reptile hobby changes the enclosures that have gotten us by in the past just don't cut it. Like the saltwater and aquarium industry, reptile enthusiasts want to set up thriving ecosystems that can be prominently displayed in their home, office, or business. At Toad Ranch our focus has been innovation, not just in the construction and durability of reptile enclosures but in creating beautiful museum-quality displays at an affordable price.

  Our Signature front frame design isn't just for show, it is the backbone of our design. Toad Ranch frames are made out of 3/4" thick high-density rigid plastic- the same stuff used for Marina Architecture, Luxury Boats, Outdoor Resort Cabinetry, and Theme Park Playground Equipment. This material holds up to the harshest conditions without even breaking a sweat. It is UV stabilized and colored all the way through and will not fade chip, rot, swell, delaminate, or scratch off! The beautiful variegated color pattern and texture are highly variable and unique to each piece creating a one-of-a-kind display that is sure to be the highlight of any room! We exploit the benefits of this material to its fullest potential in our frame design. By cutting a 1/2" channel around the frame and recessing it into the body of the enclosure it can have the full support of the 3/4" thick boards with a clean finished look to the front with no screw holes, just that beautiful frame!

   Enough talk about the frame though.. it's the masterpiece that gives purpose to the frame. At Toad Ranch we know how important the window into that masterpiece is, not only for protecting what's inside but for optimal viewing! Our doors are made of high-quality 1/4" thick Tempered Safety Glass with ALL polished edges for smooth operation and smooth touch. Tempered Glass is 4x stronger than regular (float, annealed, plate, etc.) glass and is used for shower doors, large frame-less architectural windows, swimming pools, and other applications where safety is paramount. When it comes to durability and optimal viewing in reptile enclosures glass beats acrylic and polycarbonate hands down. Glass won't yellow, warp, get cloudy, bow, or scratch like clear plastics and best of all doesn't require special cleaning (which is a routine chore for any reptile keeper).

   Cleaning was another important aspect for us to design around! Our glass doors are mounted on TOP of the frame/litter dam and don't provide that handy nook between the doors and litter dam for the substrate to get packed into- sorry reptilian friends we know that's a favorite past time of yours! Speaking of nooks and crannies... well .. there are none in our enclosures! Cleaning is a breeze with our design!

   Even the PVC body of our enclosures isn't ordinary! We use only high-quality, USA-made PVC panels that are not harmful to you or your reptile. We took care in ensuring that the panels we use do not contain heavy metals, lead, or additives that could potentially off-gas harmful VOCs.

   Luxury is standard at Toad Ranch! Along with all of the premium components and superior design, we include the little things that matter like finger pulls for your glass doors, screw hole covers, and interlocking stacking dowels! We also offer a wide variety of customization options on every enclosure giving you the freedom to design the perfect habitat for your reptile!