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What are Folks Sayin' ?


I purchased my first 4x2x2 a couple of months ago. The black interior was perfect to build up a custom bioactive backdrop, and the PVC has been holding humidity for my rainbow boa perfectly! My plants are growing like crazy and I’m so happy with how the final build came together. It’s beautiful and I cannot wait to purchase more enclosures from Toad Ranch!  ~Abby

Absolutely LOVE YOU GUYS. Super happy customer here, filling a large reptile room from floor to ceiling with your lovely enclosures! I have placed and received 2 orders and I have 2 more recently placed. Seriously could not be happier! ~Mitchell


Bought an enclosure for our Tegu and it has been a life changer in keeping reptiles!  ~ Jonathan.

I love my Toad Ranch enclosure! It the best of all the prefabricated enclosures that I have purchased! ~Amber

In my opinion the nicest enclosures on the market. Fit finish and overall attention to detail (communications instructions packaging et all) is second to none.  ~ Daniel

Best buying expensive ever! Cannot wait till my enclosures get here ~ Victoria

Absolutely love your enclosures! The dream is to have all of my animals in them. ~Ryan

I LOVE my Toad Ranch enclosures! Excellent craftsmanship and even better customer service! ~Rebekah

Amazing enclosures Marshmallow is very happy in his toad ranch mansion. ~Juan

I ordered 2 of the Pagona Paddock enclosures. Hands down the best cage Ive bought for my animals. Easy to assemble. Looks like furniture. Holds heat and humidity great. Ill definitely be buying more. ~ Justin

I ordered a tank for my beardie. He loves it! Its so spacious for him to move around. My only complaint would be I couldn't get my suction cups to stick to any of the walls. Other than that its great!!  ~ Brittany

I absolutely love my Toad Ranch enclosure! High quality and very beautiful. And tough enough for my trouble maker tegu! ~ Michelle

Just received my habitat and absolutely love it ! Still setting it up but great material awesome customer service and easy to put together ~Amie

My Toad Ranch cage is amazing! I love it! ~ Michael

I have a Toad Ranch enclosure and I absolutely love it! Its beautiful and really well made and is everything I wanted and needed for my boa. ~Layla

We absolutely love our enclosures from Toad Ranch! Stunning quality that has allowed our husbandry to stay on point! ~Chanelle

I recommend you regularly In Facebook groups! ~ Leah

Your enclosures are amazing! I love the continued improvement that you strive for as well. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. ~ Ashley

Everything yall do is top notch! ~Stacy

Most relaxing setup ever! Love these guys! ~Cora

Love my enclosure you guys went above and beyond to help mm. This is the best investment I've ever made. ~Eugene

Love my enclosure and it is so beautiful! ~ Angie

I absolutely love your enclosures. The quality is top-notch. I'll definitely be buying more!~ Emma

You took care of my wife and communicated perfectly. The quality of these enclosures are amazing! ~ Ben

I have three enclosures currently and have zero complaints. I love them! ~Braeley

Exceptional quality and beauty! My ball python and uromastyx love their enclosures! ~Alyssa

We just ordered one and plan on opening a pet store some day soon and would love to have a Toad Ranch display for our reptiles in store!~ Cheryl

The quality of your products are top notch! No detail is overlooked when it comes to Toad Ranch excellent customer service! ~Carter

Gorgeous and high quality habitats! ~ Natalie

I have 4 enclosures and hopefully getting 4 more in the future. I absolutely love them. ~ Chantel

Toad ranch enclosures are amazing enclosures and a great company. ~Colton

The backgrounds are so cool. ~ Sandy

Just got a new 4ft enclosure for our cornsnake for Christmas. This is our third toad ranch enclosure. I just love the way they look. Awesome customer service on all of our orders. Very responsive when I had questions.~ Jamie

My wife and I love our toad ranch enclosures. Not sure how feasible it is but it would be cool to have the option of windows on the sides in the future to see the critters from different parts of the room ~ Matthew

You guys are gonna cost me an arm and a leg or two! You keep adding great features that makes me want to buy more but I have to save up first!~Kristen.

Haven't received enclosure yet but customer service from Jared has been a great experience! ~Scott

Toad Ranch helped me pick out the perfect enclosure for my hognose. Great and helpful team! ~Jasmine

I couldn't be happier with my Toad Ranch enclosure!!! Its so beautiful and phenomenal quality! I also love all the customization options and fantastic customer service! A couple ideas for you is to have an option for swing out glass doors and ability to add a shelf (you might already do that).~Kari

I love my enclosure and cant wait to purchase many more! Absolutely the top of the line in every way. ~ Colt .

I love our Toad Ranch Enclosure for our beautiful Blue Tongue Skink! Its sturdy beautifully built and a luxury to have for my animal. ~Torri

Absolutely love the clean look of these enclosures! Striving to have a setup like Clints Reptiles (:   ~Allie

Best enclosures ever and best customer service. Won't ever switch. ~Casey M.

You make wonderful enclosures that last.~ Ashley

I absolutely love my Toad Ranch enclosures! They have it all figured out! Their attention to detail is truly incredible. Made by reptile keepers for reptiles and their keepers. I cant stop looking at them! No more snake racks! ~Adam

I have always been a fan of the quality enclosures this company makes! Expert craftsmanship! ~TJ 

Cant wait for my tegu to get big enough for the tegusarus enclosure in our newly built reptile building! We will be decorating the entire place with toad ranch enclosures ~Bianca

Great enclosure. Easy to assemble. High quality material. Looks very clean and sleek ~Jason

We absolutely love our new enclosure as does our boa. Thank you! ~Andrew

These enclosure look like amazing quality and with the backing of some big names in the reptile industry I'm sure you guys live up to the hype. Hopefully I can get my hands on one soon! ~Stefan

I have an 8 foot enclosure and my cherry head is in heaven. I also recommend doing the bioactive soil. ~Daniel

You guys are slaying it well done~ Colton

Great experience and quality with all other companies I've viewed so far!~Dana F.

Love your products ~Carter.

They are amazing with customer service and I love all their products!! ~Isabel .

Bought 6 cages last year and love them plan to get 6 more in the future~Zach

I think you guys are great! Thank you for the service ~Ava

Everything you do is awesome! ~Briona

I don't have my enclosure yet 1 of 2 is being built both by you right now I will say however that your customer service is spot on. Like amazing customer service on all counts. ~ Dawson

Came here because Barczyk mentioned you and Im thoroughly impressed!!! ~Dustin

Love the 4x2x2 enclosure I picked up for my ball python looks nice and holds humidity so much better than glass.~Dawson

Absolutely love my Toad Ranch pogona paddock!!! ~ Brittany

You guys are doing amazing with the variety and looks of all your items! I can see your love for reptiles and I'm all in for it! ~Tiffany

I've seen your ads and have a friend with an enclosure from you. The quality seems very high and the black dragon material seems so cool! ~Connor

You guys do absolutely amazing work! Love the natural and elegant look you can provide! A true home for reptile babys! ~Kaylee

Absolutely amazing job!! I follow you guys on Facebook and absolutely love your enclosures !! ~Tyrone

I currently have my Ackie in a Toad Ranch enclosure and absolutely love it. The quality is incredible and I'm able to maintain a perfect environment for my Ackie without changing the environment of the reptile room so Im able to have numerous reptiles/amphibians all with different requirements.~Lauren

You made a custom enclosure for me and I couldn't be happier! I will be a repeat customer soon! ~Daniel

Awesome enclosures made one at a time by someone who understands the needs of various reptiles! Great customer service too! ~ Cameron

You show obvious contentiousness to providing enclosures that benefit the wellbeing of the animals and also aid us owners/keepers in easily caring for our animals. ~Nicole

I love your enclosures! So modern~Jayda


 With so many reviews and comments we couldn't list them all here! WOW!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives! We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve you!