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Stimulate Natural Activity with Moving Air!


Natural environments are always changing with different weather events, moving air stimulates activity and enrichment.

Have more control over your reptile's habitat!  Too much humidity?  Ambient temps too high to maintain proper basking temps? 

These fans are a great solution for high humidity and Bioactive setups to prevent stagnant air and mold.  Just plug your fan into a timer set to run for short periods of time several times a day and that's it!

Our fans are 51 CFM- which is enough to completely change the air out of the enclosure every couple of minutes depending on size. They can be setup with a dimmer to control speed, timer to control frequency or a thermostat control to turn on at a set humidity level or temperature. They easily mount over our Tortoise Shell Style Vents.

These small fans are a great addition to your reptile enclosure!  




(1)  Heavy-Duty Aluminum Fan. 

(1) Power Cord 

CFM: 51 

Measurements: 4.7x1x4.7 (LxWxH)

UL-certified with dual-ball bearings 

Can be used both directions. 



We recommend mounting the fans on the exterior of the enclosure oriented so that they are pulling air out of the enclosure (this creates a softer breeze from other vents and openings in the enclosure(s).


Bioactive and High Humidity setups:

Mount on a lower vent (if available) pulling air out.  Plug fan into a simple mechanical timer (available at most home improvement stores) and set to run for 30 mins at a time 2-4 times daily or as needed.   


Low Humidity Setups:

Mount over an upper vent, pulling air out.  Plug fan into a thermostat control with a dehumidify setting (some Spyder Robotics Herpstats have this setting), set max humidity percent and done!  (If your house humidity is higher than this setting it is best to not use a fan- control humidity by choosing small water bowls placed on the cool side of enclosure and minimize moist substrate.


Hot Basking Setups:

Proper basking temps are essential and for some reptiles those are temps are HOT!  If you find that maintaining the proper basking temperature in your enclosure is causing your ambient temps to be too high a fan is a great solution!  Mount fan over an upper vent, pulling air out.  Plug fan into thermostat control with cooling mode (some Spyder Robotics Herpstats have this setting) and set max temp!

Always make sure you have a proper basking platform first!  Basking platforms should be elevated and be a natural stone- if you can elevate the basking platform and use a lower wattage bulb this will fix most issues with too high ambient temps.  Our Bask-N-Hides make perfect basking platforms!

 Natural Stimulation:

Any of the above configurations WILL be stimulating for your reptile and provide extra enrichment and activity levels!  Learn your reptile's natural habitat and set your fan to a time when winds would likely pick up!  

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Customer Reviews

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carl g.
External Enclosure Fan

We have several Eastern Box Turtles in a Toad Ranch 4x2x2 enclosure. The external fan is located close to an Acadia Basking Light. It lowers the humidity during the day. Does a fabulous job. Highly recommend.

Happy to hear the fan was a good fit for your turtles! Have a great day, Carl!

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