Low Profile Reptile Enclosures

These Stackable Reptile Enclosures make a beautiful wall display! 

Designed by Experts-

When it comes to creating an optimal environment for reptile pets, Toad Ranch Cages offer numerous advantages. From promoting natural behaviors and enhancing physical and mental stimulation to creating a self-sustaining ecosystem and supporting nutritional health, these enclosures provide reptiles with a more fulfilling and naturalistic habitat. With Toad Ranch Cages' commitment to quality and customization, reptile enthusiasts can confidently provide their pets with the best care possible. 

Unmatched Construction & Durability-

These Stackable Reptile Enclosures make a beautiful wall display!  Structural integrity was our top priority in designing these reptile enclosures.  The front opening is the most vulnerable to the common front sag, causing sticking doors.   Our signature front frame design isn't just for show, it is the backbone of our design. Creating the most structurally sound front openings for PVC enclosures on the market! 

Safe & Responsible Material Selection-

To ensure the utmost safety for reptiles and their keepers, Toad Ranch exclusively utilizes high-quality PVC panels that are made in the USA. These panels are free from heavy metals, lead, and additives that may emit potentially harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). By prioritizing the well-being of reptiles and their environment, Toad Ranch ensures a secure and healthy habitat for your beloved pets.

Unparalleled Viewing Experience-

Recognizing the importance of optimal viewing, Toad Ranch employs high-quality 1/4" thick Tempered Safety Glass for their enclosure doors. This glass, used in applications where safety is paramount, such as shower doors and large architectural windows, is four times stronger than regular glass. Its polished edges ensure smooth operation and a premium touch. Glass also outperforms acrylic and polycarbonate in terms of durability, as it resists yellowing, warping, cloudiness, bowing, and scratching. Furthermore, unlike clear plastics, glass does not require specialized cleaning, making maintenance hassle-free for reptile keepers.

Stellar stack-ability-

The SF Line of enclosures (Space-Force-Optimization-Unit / Low Profile Reptile Enclosures) Offer a unique height of reptile enclosures that allows for optimal viewing to space ratio and stellar stack-ability! These reptile cages are great when space is of the essence. Able to be stacked up to 5 high with an 8' ceiling. 

These are a great enclosure for many species of reptiles-
Boa Constrictors, King Snakes, Milk Snakes, Rat Snakes, Pythons, Ball Pythons, Terrestrial Geckos, Turtles, Tortoises, Frogs, Toads.