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Cliff Hanger | Reptile Enclosure Climbing Shelf

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Inspired by Jagged Rock Cliffs

Climbers & Crawlers will love this Shelf!


  Ordering this for an existing Enclosure?

When purchased without an enclosure- Your shelf will be shipped within 2-3 weeks. Don't worry, installation can be done without the recessed cutouts. Place it where you want it to go, trace it, drill in the center of your traced area, then screw locations from your back panel.

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When purchased with a Toad Ranch Enclosure this ADD ON Option is available on the induvial product page in the selections menu & will ship with your enclosure. This option will change your enclosure to have a recessed Cutout on the back panel for mounting the shelf & support brackets. Provides the Ultimate Stability & Takes the Guesswork out of Mounting. 

 The Cliff Hanger Shelf ships flat to save you money!  Super Easy to Assemble with just a few screws- Instructions & Screws Included.


    • 45"x8" (LxW) Reptile Enclosure Shelf. Beautiful Cliff-Inspired Climbing Shelf, placed on the back panel. Custom sizes available.  Please NOTE:  2 & 3-foot Enclosure Shelves will be cut down to size.

    • (3) Matching Heavy Duty Support Brackets. Sturdy, yes please! Support that holds up under pressure!
    • Made of Premium Heavy Duty 1/2" American-made PVC that is durable, safe & easy to clean! (Contains No Plasticizers, heavy metals, or lead!) Our enclosure shelf will not rot, swell, de-laminate, or fall apart under the conditions our reptiles require!


    We do NOT recommend the use of heat lamps directly over the Cliff Hanger Climbing Shelf. Check out our Bask N Hides for a safe basking alternative.

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    Check out our FAQ HERE

    Special care should be taken when using heat bulbs inside ANY enclosures, PVC is no exception.  We ALWAYS recommend using a thermostat controller with any heating device/bulb.

    We do NOT recommend the use of ceramic heat emitters in PVC enclosures, these get WAY too hot and don't direct the heat down.  Arcadia Deep Heat Projectors are a GREAT alternative to ceramic heat emitters!!  Not only do they project the heat down to your animal without producing visual light, they provide your animals with beneficial Infrared-A and Infrared-B wavelengths.  You can buy Arcadia Deep Heat Projectors from us HERE!

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    • We are proud to offer some of the most competitive Freight Shipping prices around! Lift Gate Service is always Included!

    All of our HDPE / PVC Reptile Cages ship flat to save you money! Every Enclosure is pre-assembled to ensure quality and to make re-assembly easier. Assembly is very simple! All you need is a screw driver! Our front frames come pre-assembled with the glass door track installed, there are 5 body panels to fasten together and the frame- that's it and there's only one size screw! Easy to follow instructions are included and available here.


    We only list items in stock and generally ship within 1-5 business days.


    Single Wide, Double Wide and Triple Wide Bask N Hides Ship in 1-5 business days.

    The Giant Bask N Hides & Bask N Nests ship out within 2 to 3 weeks depending on demand.


    when purchased separately from an enclosure these ship within 3-4 weeks depending on demand.


    All of our enclosures are custom-built whether you choose standard specs or custom options.  We work hard to make sure enclosures go out as fast as possible while ensuring TOP NOTCH QUALITY. Updated Frequently! Please check this page right before placing your order.

    Orders Placed Today Will Ship Out Between 5- 7 weeks.

    Our lead time is NOT just an arbitrary estimate, it is a real-time reflection of our schedule and our deadline to ship YOUR enclosures, stands, and canopy hoods! 

     We have operated through the pandemic without any material delays and no excuses. We stock materials on hand AND off-site even beyond what is needed on our schedule- while this isn’t usually a recommended business model we feel it is important to do this to serve our customers and deliver on our promises! Our lead time is extremely important to us and we keep a very close eye on our schedule to make sure orders ship NO LATER than the above time frame.

    Customers with Current Orders: The displayed lead time above only applies to NEW orders placed today. If you have already placed an order your enclosure will be built in the time frame posted here when you purchased.   If the posted lead time is shorter than when you purchased then YOUR order will be shipping out EARLY- if it is longer do not worry it will not affect your ship date!!  Please keep an eye out for our emails- SOMETIMES THEY END UP IN SPAM FOLDERS!  We will send one out the week of/before your build to give you a heads up :) 

    Customer Reviews

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    Sleek, functional, beautiful!

    I love these shelves! And so do my retics and boas 🥰 I keep bioactive and the design of these shelves helps make the plants and animals pop for that beautiful, deep, jungle look that I’m slightly obsessed with. They also provide additional square footage for your animal to explore! Highly recommend 🙌🏻

    So Cool!!! Thank you for your review Abby! We love watching your videos and all the enrichment you provide to your reptiles!! So glad your retic is enjoying the Cliff Hanger Shelves!!

    Complete Your Showpiece! The beautiful variegated color pattern and texture are highly variable and unique to each piece creating a one-of-a-kind display that is sure to be the highlight of any room!

    Exquisite Reptile Displays

    With our interlocking dowel system just add a stand and hood to your reptile enclosure for a museum quality display in your living room!