Arcadia Deep Heat Projector 50w

Arcadia Deep Heat Projector 50w

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  •     Wide-casting 50 watt energy
  •     Natural Infra-Red-A and Infrared-Red-B wavelengths
  •     Penetrating rays heat deep into the muscle
  •     Produces no visual light
  •     Will not disrupt night cycles
  •     Outfitted with an internal reflector

The Arcadia Reptile Deep Heat Projector utilizes efficient technology to emit natural and deep penetrating ‘Infra-Red-A’ and ‘Infra-Red-B’ rays that promote health and wellness in your animal.


Reptiles require heat to become energized and properly digest their food. The Deep Heat Projector mimics the rays your reptiles receive in the wild and will stimulate activity in your animal without disrupting night time cycles.


The Deep Heat Projector is complete with an internal reflector, meaning less heat is wasted and the device heats up faster. Recommended use with dimming thermostat to monitor temperature gradients. It is designed to penetrate muscle rather than give off as much heat at typical heat bulbs. Because of its wavelength IRA and some IRB penetrates subcutaneous tissue and the dermis in ways that normal light does not. Heat then moves through conduction to the rest of the material. It gets radiated out as IRC or loses its heat through convection.