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Tired of digging up your entire reptile enclosure looking for your reptile eggs?   

Tired of wondering if you waited too long to put your female in an external nesting box because your ugly Rubbermaid tub will not fit in your enclosure? 

Is your female not laying because the nesting temperatures are off?

Those days are now gone thanks to the new Toad Ranch Bask-N-Nest!!

This Innovative Basking Platform / Nest Box Features a Beautiful Natural Slate Stone Top and Black PVC body that Disappears in your Toad Ranch Enclosure.  Designed with a recessed bottom for attaching your heat pad. Includes a thermostat probe hole directly above the pad location so you will never have to guess if your reptile has proper laying temperatures!    Natural Stone absorbs heat from Basking Lamps and Deep Heat Projectors offering NATURAL and SAFE underbelly and radiant heat for your reptile.


What is Included:
  • Dimensions: ~26"x12 3/4"x12" (LxWxH)
  • Heavy Duty 1/2" PVC that is lightweight and durable.
  • (3) 8"x12" Natural Slate Stone Top (Color and Thickness May Vary)
  • Air Gap for Use with a Heat Pad 
  • Temperature Probe Hole 

Always check the surface temperatures of any basking site to ensure it is within the desired recommended Basking Temperature range for the species your housing!

Designed with an air gap underneath to support a 4-watt heat pad. Always Use a Thermostat control inside the nest box to control and monitor temperature. Be sure to place your Bask N Nest directly on the enclosure floor with no substrate underneath and do not cover the added heat pad ventilation holes.  

If you're wanting to use deeper substrate throughout the entire enclosure, you can connect your heat pad to the side of your Bask N Nest instead & adjust your thermostat probe placement inside the nest box accordingly. 


  • Having Trouble with your reptile eggs? Maintaining the proper nesting box temperatures year-round allows your reptiles to be secure with the nest box and reduced female egg laying delay. Resulting in stronger & more viable eggs each season.  
  • Place your Bask-N-Nest in a bright spot on the "cool(er)" side of your enclosure to make sure you can keep desired laying temps with your heat mat. 
    • Most reptiles choose a spot to lay where the sun will keep the ground temps at just the right level.. replicate this with a light over your Bask-N-Nest!  If you are using a heat bulb make sure the nest box temps don't go over your desired setpoint.. if they do swap out your heat bulb with an LED flood bulb! 
  • If you are purchasing your enclosure from us make sure and add a cord slot and probe hole on the bottom of your back panel where you'll be running your heat mat and temp probe into the enclosure!  (If you need help knowing the best placement just ask us to choose for you in the placement notes!)
  • We have designed the Bask-N-Nest to allow for a 2" gap between the Slate tiles, this should be just perfect for lots of lizards (Ackies and other Dwarf Monitors, Bearded Dragons, and lots of other species!) to feel like they're laying their eggs in a safe, secure spot!
    • You can always take one of the tiles out for bigger access during nesting time!

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