Cliff Hanger Shelf Assembly Instructions

Cliff Hanger Shelf Assembly Instructions

Thank You for adding our “Cliff Hanger” Shelf Option!

Tools needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver (wrist powered or battery powered- be careful not to overtighten screws!!!)
  • Instructions
  • An extra pair of hands is always helpful but not required


  • Coarse thread 1-1/4” #6 screws
  • Cliff Hanger Shelf
  • Shelf Supports
  • The “BACK” Panel of your enclosure

NOTE:  Although these shelves are often known as “Basking Shelves” we DO NOT recommend running a heat lamp directly over this shelf.  Radiant Heat Panels are OK to be installed over these shelves.

Steps (If Purchased WITH and Enclosure):

  1. Assemble the shelf supports to the shelf by positioning the supports in the cut channel flush with the back edge of the shelf. Install screws through the shelf into the supports.  Repeat with all supports.
  2. After assembling the shelf take the “BACK” Panel of your enclosure and line up the shelf with the cut channels and install screws through the “BACK” Panel into the shelf.
  3. This completes your “Cliff Hanger” Shelf Assembly! At this point you may proceed with the enclosure assembly instructions!