Bask N Hide Assembly Instructions

Thank You for your purchase of this Toad Ranch Bask N Hide! 

This Innovative Basking Platform / Hide Features a Beautiful Natural Slate Stone Top and Black or White PVC body that Disappears in your Toad Ranch Enclosure.
Natural Stone absorbs heat from Basking Lamps and Deep Heat Projectors offering NATURAL and SAFE underbelly and radiant heat for your reptile.


Tools needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver (wrist powered or battery powered- be careful not to overtighten screws!!!- set drill clutch at 2-3)
  • Instructions


  • Coarse thread 1-1/4” #6 screws
  • PVC body panels
  • Slate Stone Tile(s)

Notes:  All body panels will be marked on the INSIDE surface with A,B,C, and D and arrows that should point toward the matching letter.


  1. Match the labels with arrows pointing toward each other and install screws through the panels with the countersinks into corresponding panel making sure the holes line up. (These have been pre-assembled to make this easier!)
  2. Repeat Step 1 until all panels have been assembled.
    • If you have a Triple-Wide install the brace into the cut slots with arrow pointing up and secure with (2) screws.
  3. Now simply set your Slate Stone Tile(s) into the grooved top and that’s it!

These tiles are REAL stone and highly variable in thickness, appearance and dimensions.  We have hand selected stones for your Bask-N-Hide that fit together well and any gaps or wobble should not affect the functionality of your hide.  If you want the tiles to be set permanent you can use an adhesive sealant like Lexel, Dap230 or Silicone 1 to “glue” them in.

*Always check the surface temperatures of any basking site to insure it is within the desired recommended Basking Temperature range for the species you are housing!


We want to sincerely thank you for your purchase!  We would love to see how you set up your animals, please send us your pictures or post to social media and tag us!  If you love your enclosure and had a great experience with us please take a minute to leave us a review on Google!