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Herpstat 2 SpyderWeb | Reptile Heat, Light & Humidity Controller | Spyder Robotics

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The Herpstat 2 SpyderWeb  offers remote based monitoring, email monitoring, data graphing, over the air updates, and more.

Includes power cord and two steel tipped temperature probes. Optional humidity probe is available. 

  • Housed in desktop style cases they can easily sit on top of your rack, cage, or incubator.
  • Proportional heating constantly monitors and adjusts amount of heat necessary to maintain a target temperature
  • Usable range from 40F to 150F or 4C to 65C
  • Configurable for Heating, Cooling, Lighting, or Humidity
  • Lighting can simulate sunrise/sunset and moonlight.
    • User selectable temperature and light ramping allows day to night changes to occur slowly.
    • Sensor Matching allows the user to digitally calibrate the sensor output to match other equipment.
    • Auto Power Matching constantly adjusts the power output curve to match the enclosures efficiency.
    • Up to four scheduled temperature settings per day per output.
    • High/Low temperature tracking helps monitor heating system and enclosure efficiency.
    • History Graph shows temperature regulation over time.
    • WiFi connection for viewing of status on a PC or Phone/Tablet through web browser.
    • Emergency email ability to give notifications during error conditions.
    • Scheduled email status updates.
    • Ability to upload to for viewing status online.
    • Individually selectable High/Low temperature threshold alarms.
    • Precision temperature sensors with an internal resolution of .1125 F and are accurate to ± .9 F
    • Display and setting in tenths of a degree.
    • Security Passcode option deters vandals.
    • All settings are retained in memory even if power is lost.
    • Power Outage detection/tracking.
    • Temperature can be set/displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
    • Easy to read backlit Color LCD display.
    • Removable sensors allow for easy replacement if necessary.
    • User replaceable fuse.
    • Audible alarm system.
    • Internal error detection shuts off heat if sensor fails or is disconnected.
    • Internal safety relay cuts power to all outputs if user settable conditions are met.
    • 450 watts per output.  900 total watt output.
    • 1 year limited warranty

Note:  The Wi-Fi features of this product are for advanced users who are familiar with connecting to wifi, their router, and such. These features are not required to use this as a thermostat and its device menus are very similar to our previous models.

See the User's Manual.



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