All About Our Custom Options

With over 50 years of combined experience housing, observing and breeding reptiles our team understands that there is not just ONE way to do things successfully. Love & dedication from reptile keepers like you have paved the way for the Herpetoculture community. We strive to provide you with a Superior product that will carry on this legacy allowing you to design & perfect your reptiles habitat!


Let's Get to it!


Don't Worry our enclosures are Great for most species with the standard options!  If you need help or have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!


Cage Dimensions-

These are true to size exterior dimensions. (LxWxH) Our 48x24x24 is just that.. not 47" to the outside.


Front Frame- 

Our signature design with 3/4" thick HDPE (high-density rigid plastic) Each enclosure has been thoughtfully designed to utilize the perfect sized boards for maximum strength & stability. Beautifully configured to best suit the needs of your reptile.   

Available in Driftwood, Mahogany, Teak, Whitewash, Black Dragon, and Matte Black.
(Can't Decide which color is best? Order color samples here 


Reptile enclosureHDPE Color

What is the front frame made of? Is it painted?

No Paint or Stain fumes here! Our Signature front frame design isn't just for show, it is the backbone of our design. Toad Ranch frames are made out of USA Made 3/4" thick high-density rigid plastic (HDPE) the same stuff used for Marina Architecture, Luxury Boats, Outdoor Resort Cabinetry, and Theme Park Playground Equipment. This material holds up to the harshest conditions without even breaking a sweat. It is UV stabilized and colored all the way through and will not fade chip, rot, swell, delaminate, or scratch off! 
  • Lower Frame Dimensions:  This option changes the lower frame height providing space for the ULTIMATE Bioactive Terrarium!! (EX: change your 3.5 in. lower frame to 6 in. giving you up to 5.5 in. of substrate depth or from 6 in. to 8 in depending on the enclosure) Specifications are available on the induvial product page.  Some of our enclosures have an even larger litter dams/substrate lip.   This option not only looks fantastic, but it is great even without a Bioactive setup for species that love burrowing, digging or those of you who love using substrates in naturalistic setups. . Looking for something even deeper?? No problem-e-mail for a quote. 


Body Panels-

Available in White or Black. We use only high-quality, USA-made 1/2" PVC panels that are not harmful to you or your reptile. We took care in ensuring that the panels we use do not contain heavy metals, lead, or additives that could potentially off-gas harmful VOCs.  This Includes: Left, Right, Top, Bottom & Back panels unless you select the Executive Upgrade (more on that below).


Are the materials used in your enclosures safe?

At Toad Ranch we use only premium materials to ensure the safety of your animals.
    Our PVC body panels are made in the USA and contain NO PLASTICIZERS- this additive in some PVC sheet material is responsible for potentially harmful off-gassing.
      This PVC is Free of any Lead or Heavy Metals so it's safer for you too!


        * Our enclosures will not rot, swell, de-laminate or fall apart under the conditions our reptiles require!  


        PVC reptile cage  



        Solid Top Panel- 

        Comes standard with all our enclosure. Great for maintaining temperature, humidity, & are stackable without the need for spacer/canopy hood.


        Solid Topped Reptile Enclosure  


        Arcadia Lamp Holder Pro- or similar type fixture can be used with our enclosures. These are super easy to mount directly onto the ceiling panel with provided 1/2" screws. NO NEED TO PRE-DRILL 

        * Mounting Tip- These are incredibly easy to mount! Place top panel of your enclosure on a smooth flat surface, then place your fixture in desired location. Mark with a pencil where you like to attach your fixture, screw in fixture or mounting bracket with the included 1/2' screws. This can be done easily by hand with just a screwdriver!

        •  Do not mount heat lamp fixtures over Cliff Hanger “Basking” Shelves or closer than 6” to any side/back panel. 


          Special care should be taken when using heating devices with ANY reptile enclosure, PVC is no exception.

          •  If you are housing a snake or other reptile that can reach up to the light fixture, we always recommend using a wire HEAT LAMP SAFETY BASKET to prevent burns if you are using a heat bulb.


          Reptile Heat Lamp Safety Basket


          •  We ALWAYS recommend using a thermostat control with any heating device/bulb. (There are many brands to choose from but here is a few-Zoomed Environmental Control Center, & Spyder Robotics make great products.)
          • We do NOT recommend the use of ceramic heat emitters inside of PVC enclosures; the surface temperature of these bulbs get WAY too hot to be used safely inside our enclosures. (Arcadia Deep Heat Projectors are a GREAT alternative to ceramic heat emitters!!)


          UV-B or LED fixtures- Arcadia Makes a great selection of lighting and fixtures that mount easily onto the ceiling panel of our enclosures with included: (2) mounting brackets & (2) 1/2" screws.  * Shop those HERE in a separate window.  See mounting Tip above.

          arcadia uvb


          Perforated Screen Top- 

          Perforated Aluminum Screen Top Panel- for use with clamp lights and other exterior fixtures.

          This option will remove the included vents unless selected otherwise.

          Our aluminum screens tops have 79% open space. We left room on the inside if you choose to mount your fixture inside for maximum UVB. The dimensions of these vary from cage to cage & can be found on the individual product page. 

          Prefer a Perforated Screen Top but worried about maintaining high humidity?  Adding a matching Canopy Hood will solve this problem while hiding any unsightly lamps and cords.




          Comes in two styles, Tortoise Shell & Insert Style. The "Details" seen on each product page will let you know how many vents are included with your specific enclosure. You have the option to Add or Remove as many vents as you like and we provide a text box to write in placement notes. (EX: back panel top, side panels top, staggered side panels, 4 back panel top & 2 each side panel top)   

          Our Standard vent is a beautiful Tortoise Shell inspired design that is 1/8-inch slits cut into the PVC panel. Looks the same from the inside or out.  If you don't request a specified placement -location for this on the Upper Back Panel with exception to our Pagona Paddock & Uro-Gonna-Love-This-Cage these two enclosures have the vents place staggered on the side panels (more about this below)

          Reptile Cage Ventilation



          Reptile enclosure ventilation  reptile cage vent


          Insert Vents- These screened 4-inch round vents have will have one finished and one "unfinished" side.  When placed on the back panel- it will have finished side facing in, when placed onto the side panels we put finished side out. . . These are installed with 1/2" screws and can be easily flipped around should you decide to later. (Pictured below BC60 with Bio upgrade reversed staggered insert style vents on the side panels -finished side out)  

          hdpe & pvc reptile cage  

          Staggered Vents- Beautiful Tortoise shell inspired design cut into the PVC panel Placed on the Side Panels- 3 on each Side Panel 3 Higher on the Right (Basking Side) Panel and 3 Lower on the Left (Cool Side) Panel to increase cross ventilation and lower humidity. Thoughtfully cut to sit above the substrate level. Our Pogona Paddock & Uro-Gonna-Love-This-Cage both already have these vent locations, but you can too on any size enclosure. (pictured below BC48 with Bio upgrade staggered vents standard placement)

          Bearded Dragon Cage

          Reptile Vent Covers-

          These vent covers perfect fit your Tortoise Shell Style Vents.  Nearly Seamless to the outside and invisible to the inside these covers pop right into your vent.  See More HERE.  (Redesign Vents- Dec 2023) 

           Reptile Vent Covers

          Reptile Enclosure Fans-

          These small fans are a great addition to any reptile enclosure! They easily mount over any Tortoise Shell Style Vent with NO need for custom Cutouts.   With a boosting 51 CFM these fans can do a complete air exchange in a short time. Pair it with a Thermostat Control or Timer for the ultimate level of control over your reptile habitat. * Learn more in a new window here  (INCLUDES BOLTS & NUTS)


          Reptile Cage Fan   

          Natural environments are always changing with different weather events, moving air stimulates activity and enrichment.

          A great solution for high humidity and BioActive setups to prevent stagnant air and mold. Just plug your fan into a timer set to run for short periods of time several times a day and that's it!

          Have more control over your reptile's habitat! Too much humidity? Ambient temps too high to maintain proper basking temps? These fans can be run by most reptile thermostat controls with a temperature probe or humidity probe!


          So PVC is great for high humidity species, what about arid species like Bearded Dragons and Uromastyx?

          Yes, We have you covered!  Checkout our Species Specific Enclosures.  You can also have your vents placed on the Side Panels- 3 on each Side Panel. 3 Higher on the Right (Basking Side) Panel and 3 Lower on the Left (Cool Side) Panel to increase cross ventilation and lower humidity.

          If you would like help configuring your enclosure please reach out to us, we are always happy to help!

          If you already have your enclosure there are a few options to keep the humidity down- Make sure your substrate is dry when you put it in, make sure your water bowl is not over top of a heat mat or directly under a heat lamp, if these fixes don't remedy your humidity issue we recommend purchasing a reptile enclosure fan  that you can install over one of your Tortoise Shell Style Vents- this can be ran on a timer and actually stimulates activity in most species.


          Easy Glide Whisper Quiet Sliding Glass Door Track. Mounted on TOP of the frame/litter dam and don't provide that handy nook between the doors and litter dam for the substrate to get packed into

          • Now Including our Popular Side Track Option at No Additional Charge. This feature provides additional track to the sides of the front opening for the glass to seat into. Providing a clean polished look & thwarting opportunistic escapees!




          At Toad Ranch we know how important the window into that masterpiece is, not only for protecting what's inside but for optimal viewing!

          Our doors are made of high-quality 1/4" thick Tempered Safety Glass with ALL polished edges for smooth operation and smooth touch. Tempered Glass is 4x stronger than regular (float, annealed, plate, etc.)Glass won't yellow, warp, get cloudy, bow, or scratch like clear plastics and best of all doesn't require special cleaning (which is a routine chore for any reptile keeper).

            reptile safety first sliding glass doors.



          Included with ALL TOAD RANCH ENCLOSURES-

          -Clear Finger Pulls 

          -1/4" Tempered Glass Sliding Doors with ALL Polished Edges

          -Beautiful Tortoise Shell inspired 4" Vents

          -Screw Covers

          -Stainless Steel Stacking Dowels with Interlocking Dowel System. Offers the ability to mix & match cage sizes when stacking, providing a nearly seamless look

          Glass doors


          Accessory Grommet-

          These 3" plastic inserts allow for cords to be easily added into an enclosure even after the top panel of the enclosure is on. The Cord ends go through the middle of the hole and then be closed up tightly closed around the cord.  (Fits up to 4 Cords) When purchased these are placed on the upper back panel. Tip: these can be locked shut with 1/4 bolt and nut. 


          -  Accessory Grommet  


          Cord Slot-

          This is a slot cut into the top edge of the back panel. (4+) Cord Slots are included with all Toad Ranch Enclosures. Quantities included can be seen on the individual product page.  Cords must be placed into slot during assembly, before you attach your top cage panel. Fits one cord. (pictured below)

          pvc reptile cage cord slot  


          Extra Cuts-

          Probes or Misters Holes: this drop down provides a space to request size and placement for your extra cutouts.  Please specify which panel (Left Panel, Right Panel, Back Panel) and the placement on that panel. We may have to move your placement depending on proximity to other fixtures/accessories. 

          • Need a Mister Hole? We have you covered!  (Tip: MistKing recommends 5/8" for Standard Nozzles & 1/2" for Premium Nozzles)  
          • Need Plumbing Holes or other Custom Cuts? please add dimensions and location under the Custom Cuts & Placements dropdown.
          • Thermostat Probe Hole- most common 5/16" round hole.


          Temp probe channel-

          This option adds a 1/4-inch-deep channel cut on the exterior/outside (underneath side) of the bottom panel of your enclosure for running a temp probe with heat mats. (Run thermostat control probe into the channel before attaching heat pad over the channel.)

          Lookout Windows-

          With vents on the back panel-
          This adds a Premium 1/4" thick Cast Acrylic Window to one or both of your side panels. ( Pictured below BC48 (4x2x2) with 15x15 side window. Window size available is on the individual product page. Note: If adding universal rock background move vents to the side panels.  

          With side vents-   Windows Not compatible with Staggered Vents 
          This adds a 15"x11" Premium 1/4" thick Cast Acrylic Window to one or both of your side panels.
          (Selecting side window(s) will move your vents from staggered to above the windows.)

             pvc reptile cage for sale


          Cliff Hanger Shelf-

          41"x8" (LxW) Reptile Enclosure Shelf. Beautiful Cliff-Inspired Climbing Shelf, placed on the back panel. Standard Placement is centered left & right, center top and bottom.   Please NOTE: 2 & 3-foot Enclosure Shelves will be cut down to size.  Other available sizes (50x8" & 29x8") If you prefer a shelf on the back panel mounted only to one side, please request the 29x8" and specify which side left or right back panel on the notes area on the checkout page or email us once your order is placed and we can update that for you at no additional fee.  (We always leave a gap between the side panel and the shelf for ease in cleaning & most importantly the safety of your reptiles.)   

          NOTE:  Although these shelves are often known as “Basking Shelves” we DO NOT recommend running a heat lamp directly over this shelf.  Radiant Heat Panels are OK to be installed over these shelves.  

          • Do not mount heat lamp fixtures over Cliff Hanger “Basking” Shelves or closer than 6” to any side/back panel.


          reptile cage shelf  reptile cage shelf


          -(3) Matching Heavy Duty Support Brackets. Sturdy, yes please! Support that holds up under pressure!
          -Fits into a Recessed Cutout. Provides the Ultimate Stability & Takes the Guesswork out of Mounting.
          -Made of Premium Heavy Duty 1/2" American-made PVC that is durable, safe & easy to clean! (Contains No Plasticizers, heavy metals, or lead!) Our enclosure shelf will not rot, swell, de-laminate, or fall apart under the conditions our reptiles require! 

          Executive Upgrade-

          This option replaces your 1/2" PVC Right & Left Side Panels with the same 3/4" HDPE material as your beautiful front frame (inside and out)!! (HDPE Top panels can be ordered separately by request)



          3/4" thick HDPE- Beauty, Strength & Durability. Wow your most discerning guests while adding even more strength and durability to the most capable enclosures on the market!

          The Perfect Choice for High Traffic Areas


          Destinations Backgrounds-

          These Toad Ranch Signature Design backgrounds are inspired by the beauty in nature.  Made from premium quality vinyl, these museum quality prints are laminated for durability. Waterproof, Colorfast & UV Protected!   Bring a ray of sunshine into your home with your favorite Destination background. When ordered with an enclosure we mount this to your panels for you and even cut around all your vents and other holes/slots. 

          These sell by the foot- if your enclosure is custom sized, please round up to the nearest foot and we will cut to size and install on your enclosure.  

          Examples given below are based on Exterior Dimensions of your Enclosure, actual Destination is a bit smaller to fit interior panels.. 

          Example 1: 24x19" = 2x2 Destination.  

          Example 2: 48x24x30( LxWxH) Reptile Enclosure= 4x3 LxH Back panel and 2x3 WxH wrap side panels.  

          Custom Sizes available upon request. 

          Destinations | Reptile Enclosure Backgrounds – Toad Ranch ( 

          Vinal Reptile enclosure background

          * Please NOTE: Destinations Backgrounds can NOT be mounted directly onto these HDPE panels. If you'd like to add that option please email.


          Is assembly hard?
          • Assembly is very simple!  All you need is a screw driver!  Our front frames come pre-assembled with the glass door track installed, there are 5 body panels to fasten together and the frame- that's it and there's only one size screw!  All our enclosures, stands and hoods have been pre-assembled to insure a perfect fit for re-assembly! No wayward screws here!


          You can check out our assembly instructions HERE 


            Are Toad Ranch Enclosures stack-able?

            • YES! Structural integrity was our top priority in designing these enclosures.  The front opening is the most vulnerable to the common front sag, causing sticking doors.   Our signature front frame design isn't just for show, it is the backbone of our design. Creating the most structurally sound front openings for PVC enclosures on the market!  (If you are ordering a large custom sized enclosure let us know if you plan on stacking and we can add extra support)

            •  All of our Enclosures, Stands, & Hoods come with our Locking Dowel System. This Offers the ability to mix & match cage sizes when stacking, providing an almost seamless look! ( NO SPACERS / SACKERS NEEDED!)  So you can stack the Ultimate Reptile Skyscraper!

            Will heat mats work through the PVC?

            • YES!  We always recommend the use of a thermostat control or rheostat monitored with a temp gun to set the desired temp.
            • If using a heat mat choose the option to add a temp probe channel!


            Still have questions?   Our FAQ page is a great resource too!  Or Email us!  We are always happy to help! 

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