Light Fixture Mounting Tips

Fixture Mounting Tips

Tools needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver (wrist powered is best- If using a drill- be careful not to overtighten screws!!!)


  • Coarse thread ½” #6 screws
  • Pre-Wired Fixture
  • Metal Mounting Box
  • The “Top” Panel of your enclosure

Installation is super easy, and can be done any number of ways, these instructions are just meant to be a helpful reference.


  1. Position the “TOP” panel of your enclosure laying interior side up on a flat surface with the front edge facing away from you (note- the larger dowel holes are along the front edge).
  2. Position the metal fixture mounting box(es) with the cord cutout towards the back edge of the “TOP” panel in desired locations.
    • NOTE WHEN USED WITH HEAT BULBS: We Recommend a gap of at least 6” from the center of the fixture to any front/back/side panels.  We also do not recommend mounting them directly over our “Cliff Hanger Shelves”.  For Basking spots ALWAYS have a basking stone or acceptable substrate (not bare floor/PVC). Our Bask-N-Hides and Bask-N-Chows Are EXCELLENT for this!
    • You may choose to align the boxes with the cord slots on your “BACK” panel. Simply measure the distance to the cord slot on your back panel then add ½” (The thickness of your side panels) and align the mounting box on center with this measurement on your “TOP” panel.
  3. With the Mounting boxes placed in desired locations install (2) screws to secure each box to the “TOP” panel. (No Pilot Hole is necessary- be careful not to overtighten- it is best to use a screwdriver, if using a drill set clutch to 1).
  4. Loosen the two machine screws on the mounting boxes enough for the fixture to fit over.
  5. Place the fixture onto the mounting box and with the cord in the cord slot, turn to seat. Tighten the screws just snug (Over Tightening will break the fixture)
    • If the machine screws included with the mounting box are not long enough use the screws included with the fixture.
  6. Continue assembly of your Toad Ranch enclosure!!