All About Our Custom Options

With over 50 years of combined experience housing, observing and breeding reptiles our team understands that there is not just ONE way to do things successfully.

Love & dedication from keepers like you have paved the way for the Herpetoculture community.

We strive to provide you with a Superior product that will carry on this legacy allowing you to design & perfect your reptiles habitat!

Lets Get to it!

Don't Worry our enclosures are Great for most species with the standard options!  If you need help or have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Front Frame- comes in five beautiful color choices. (If in doubt, ask for color samples, available by request for the cost of shipping $8.95.)

Our Patent Pending front frame design isn't just for show, it is the backbone of our design. Toad Ranch frames are made out of 3/4" thick high-density rigid plastic (HDPE) the same stuff used for Marina Architecture, Luxury Boats, Outdoor Resort Cabinetry, and Theme Park Playground Equipment. This material holds up to the harshest conditions without even breaking a sweat. It is UV stabilized and colored all the way through and will not fade chip, rot, swell, delaminate, or scratch off! .

Go BioActive- This option changes the lower frame height providing space for the ULTIMATE BioActive Terrarium!! (EX: change your 3.5 in. lower frame to 6 in. giving you up to 5.5 in. of substrate depth or from 6 in. to 8 in depending on the enclosure) Specifications are available on the induvial product page.  Some of our enclosures have a "Dig Deeper" option with even larger litter dams/substrate lip.   This option not only looks fantastic, but it is great even without a BioActive setup for species that love burrowing, digging or those of you who love using substrates in naturalistic setups. NOTE: This also decreases the glass height. Looking for something even deeper?? No problem-e-mail for a quote. 

Choose Your Top Panel Style-

Solid Top Panel- Comes standard with all our enclosure & Includes heat lamp Fixture(s). How many is included is available on the induvial product page. Each Included fixture comes with appropriate cord slot hole. Standard placements shown below. (these are stackable reptile enclosures with NO need for spacers)


Special care should be taken when using heat bulbs inside ANY enclosures, PVC is no exception.

* If you are housing a snake or other reptile that can reach up to the light fixture, we always recommend using a wire HEAT LAMP SAFETY BASKET to prevent burns if you are using a heat bulb.

Reptile Heat Lamp Safety Basket

* We ALWAYS recommend using a thermostat controller with any heating device/bulb. (There are many brands to choose from but here is a few-Zoomed Environmental Control Center, & Spyder Robotics make great products.)
* We do NOT recommend the use of ceramic heat emitters in PVC enclosures; the surface temperature of these bulbs get WAY too hot to be used safely inside our enclosures. (Arcadia Deep Heat Projectors are a GREAT alternative to ceramic heat emitters!!)

Perforated Screen Top- This cutout is in the Top Panel- for use with clamp lights and other exterior fixtures. (This option will remove the standard lamp fixtures that previously were included with the enclosure).

Our aluminum screens tops have 79% open space. We left room on the inside if you choose to mount your fixture inside for maximum UVB. The dimensions of these vary from cage to cage & can be found on the individual product page. 


Vents- Comes in two styles, Tortoise Shell & Insert Style. The "Details" seen on each product page will let you know how many vents are included with your specific enclosure. You have the option to Add or Remove as many vents as you like and we provide a text box to write in placement notes. (EX: back panel top, side panels top, staggered side panels, 4 back panel top & 2 each side panel top)   

Our Standard vent is a beautiful Tortoise shell inspired design that is 1/8-inch slits cut into the PVC panel. Looks the same from the inside or out.  If you don't request a specified placement -location for this on the Upper Back Panel with exception to our Pagona Paddock & Uro-Gonna-Love-This-Cage these two enclosures have the vents place staggered on the side panels (more about this below)



Insert Vents- These screened 4-inch round vents have will have one finished and one "unfinished" side.  When placed on the back panel- it will have finished side facing in, when placed onto the side panels we put finished side out. . . These are installed with 1/2" screws and can be easily flipped around should you decide to later. (Pictured below BC60 with Bio upgrade reversed staggered insert style vents on the side panels -finished side out)  

hdpe & pvc reptile cage

Staggered Vents- Beautiful Tortoise shell inspired design cut into the PVC panel Placed on the Side Panels- 2 on each Side Panel 2 Higher on the Right (Basking Side) Panel and 2 Lower on the Left (Cool Side) Panel to increase cross ventilation and lower humidity. Thoughtfully cut to sit above the substrate level. Our Pogona Paddock & Uro-Gonna-Love-This-Cage both already have these vent locations, but you can too on any size enclosure. (pictured below BC48 with Bio upgrade staggered vents standard placement)

Bearded Dragon Cage

Reptile Enclosure Fans- These small fans are a great addition to your reptile enclosure! They easily mount over either of our vent styles and if purchased with an enclosure we'll even cut the holes for you! (found on our accessories page) 


Reptile Cage Fan  reptile cage fan mount

Natural environments are always changing with different weather events, moving air stimulates activity and enrichment.

A great solution for high humidity and BioActive setups to prevent stagnant air and mold. Just plug your fan into a timer set to run for short periods of time several times a day and that's it!

Have more control over your reptile's habitat! Too much humidity? Ambient temps too high to maintain proper basking temps? These fans can be run by most reptile thermostat controls with a temperature probe or humidity probe!

Side Track- Side Track for Glass Doors! This option provides additional track to the sides of the front opening for the glass to seat into. (pictured below) This (2) piece set provides a more seamless look and can make your enclosure more secure when paired with a lock.

 HDPE reptile cage

Acessory Grommet- pictures coming soon

Extra Cord Slots-Cord Slot- This is a slot cut into the top edge of the side panels or back panel whichever you choose. These extra Cord Slots are just a little bigger than the ones we cut for our standard Lamp Bases (you don't need to add a cord slot for the included fixtures or when adding fixtures- they will come with their own cord slot). However, If you remove fixtures, it will remove the corresponding cords slots-unless you request otherwise.
Cords must be placed into slot during assembly, before you attach your top cage panel. Fits one cord. (pictured below)
pvc reptile cage cord slot  

Temp probe channel-This option adds a 1/4 inch deep channel cut on the exterior (underneath side) of the bottom panel of your enclosure for running a temp probe with heat mats. (Run thermostat control probe into the channel before attaching heat pad over the channel.)

Lookout Windows-

With vents on the back panel-
This adds a 15"x15" Premium 1/4" thick Cast Acrylic Window to one or both of your side panels. ( Pictured below BC48 (4x2x2) with 15x15 side window. Note: If adding universal rock background move vents to the side panels.  

With side vents-   Windows Not compatible with Staggered Vents 
This adds a 15"x11" Premium 1/4" thick Cast Acrylic Window to one or both of your side panels.
(Selecting side window(s) will move your vents from staggered to above the windows.)

   pvc reptile cage for sale
Cliff hanger-

45"x8" (LxW) Reptile Enclosure Shelf. Beautiful Cliff-Inspired Climbing Shelf, placed on the back panel. Standard Placement is centered left & right, center top and bottom.  Custom sizes available. Please NOTE: 2 & 3-foot Enclosure Shelves will be cut down to size.


reptile cage shelf  reptile cage shelf


-(3) Matching Heavy Duty Support Brackets. Sturdy, yes please! Support that holds up under pressure!
-Fits into a Recessed Cutout. Provides the Ultimate Stability & Takes the Guesswork out of Mounting.
-Made of Premium Heavy Duty 1/2" American-made PVC that is durable, safe & easy to clean! (Contains No Plasticizers, heavy metals, or lead!) Our enclosure shelf will not rot, swell, de-laminate, or fall apart under the conditions our reptiles require! 

* Please NOTE: Selecting this option will move the installed heat lamp fixtures forward in order to NOT be mounted directly over the shelf.

Choose PVC color-

Available in White or Black

We use only high-quality, USA-made 1/2" PVC panels that are not harmful to you or your reptile. We took care in ensuring that the panels we use do not contain heavy metals, lead, or additives that could potentially off-gas harmful VOCs.

Executive Upgrade-
The "Executive Upgrade" option replaces your 1/2" PVC Right & Left Side Panels with the same 3/4" HDPE material as your beautiful front frame (inside and out)!!

3/4" thick high-density rigid plastic- the same stuff used for Marina Architecture, Luxury Boats, Outdoor Resort Cabinetry, and Theme Park Playground Equipment. This material holds up to the harshest conditions without even breaking a sweat. It is UV stabilized and colored all the way through and will not fade chip, rot, swell, delaminate, or scratch off! The beautiful, variegated color pattern and texture are highly variable and unique to each piece creating a one-of-a-kind display that is sure to be the highlight of any room!

* Please NOTE: Destinations Backgrounds can NOT be mounted onto these panels.

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